Design and sculpting of the cheekbones and the chin

Emphasized cheekbones are the symbol of a beautiful face and young boyish look.

With age, degenerative changes of the skin, and atrophy of subcutaneous fat tissues, in combination with changes in the Ziugma bones, can cause the middle part of the face to look tired, old and sunken.

One of the main goals of aesthetic medicine is to balance the proportions of the face features. During the aesthetic evaluation of the patient, the combination of these elements – the bony structure, the soft tissue and the skin - must be taken into account in order to achieve maximum harmony.

Flat cheekbones and depressions in the cheeks give the face a sunken look.

Dr. Imas uses a special, non-surgical method, to sculpt the cheekbones by using high viscosity filling materials. He creates a special harness to reconstruct the lost bony structure and recreate harmony and proportions.

Dr. Imas also uses medium-high viscosity filling materials to fill sunken cheeks, thus restoring lost volume and creating a younger and healthier physiognomical look.

In addition we design and sculpt sunken, un-aesthetic chins by infusing filling materials without surgical intervention.

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