Dr. Erik Imas

Dr. Erik Imas is well known in Israel in the field of rejuvenation and improvement of face and body skin appearance, by means of all the existing medical treatments and without surgical intervention!

Dr. Imas is one of the pioneers and leading professionals in his field in Israel, exclusively specializing in the area of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dermatology.

Dr. Imas has considerable and proven experience with thousands of satisfied patients in the field of aesthetic procedures. Most of the procedures are brief and almost painless; some show immediate results, with no need for surgical intervention, incisions, sutures or anesthesia.

The clinic provides extensive professional information in the aesthetic medicine field, regarding the advantages and drawbacks of every filling and peeling material, and all the method of face and body skin rejuvenation, presently in use.

Aesthetic medicine requires the highest professional standards, including experience, technique, judgment, design, sculpting, accurate diagnostics and correction of facial asymmetry. Unlike the body, the face cannot be concealed after treatment. Results must therefore be perfect and directed towards restoring the natural appearance and improving the innate asymmetry of the individual.

Dr. Imas is well known in his field as a specialist who, for over 10 years, has exclusively dedicated himself fulltime to specialize and improve his professional level, to utilize the latest innovations and advanced technologies, in order to reach maximum mastery in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dermatology.

Dr. Imas is one of the busiest physicians in Israel, with an excellent record of treatment results and a very high percentage of satisfied patients.

His innovations in this area are based on scientific activity, professional literature and extensive experience.

  • Active member of the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology (IACD).
  • Member of the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM).
  • Associate member of the Israeli Society of Dermatological Surgery.
  • Member of the Trade Union of Physicians in Israel..
  • Instructor and researcher of ageing processes for more than a decade, introducing innovative and revolutionary methods in the field of face rejuvenation.
  • Appears frequently as senior consultant in the aesthetics field in various media venues such as:
  • TV morning shows, radio programs and the printed mass media.
  • Participant in international seminars and conferences on aesthetic medicine and dermatological surgery, which are the primary sources of information for innovations in the field.
  • Provides consultations, instructs and teaches physicians who specialize in aesthetic medicine, in medical centers and clinics throughout Israel and abroad.

Dr. Imas provides precise and detailed explanations on the advantages and drawbacks of each procedure, including adverse side effects and possible complications.

In the clinic, each patient receives individually selected material about the procedures and materials (without commercial preferences) relevant to his or her case.

Dr. Imas will gladly meet with you and provide free-of-charge professional diagnostics.


Definition: Aesthetic medicine is a relatively new and constantly developing field. Thus, "specialist in medicine and cosmetic dermatology" is not an academic degree, but rather the name of an activity formulated in the course of time, which involves gaining knowledge and experience, participating in scientific research and conferences, developing new types of treatment, teaching and cooperating with leading physicians both in Israel and abroad. The title is similar to those of other medical areas, such as "diet and nutrition specialist", "insomnia specialist", "specialist in smoking withdrawal", etc.

Treatment in this field usually includes face filling injections, various types of peelings, laser treatments, and the entirely new niche of face rejuvenation that has developed in the past decade.

Dr. Imas lectures before doctors in Bar-Ilan University ("Medischool"), is a member of the Israeli Society of Dermatological Surgery, and of many other Israeli and foreign medical associations, provides professional consultation, and comments in various venues of mass media, including professional TV programs (Channels 2 and 10), health and aesthetic columns in the printed press (major Israeli newspapers and magazines), leading Internet sites and radio channels.

Dr. Imas is known in his field as a specialist who for over 10 years, since graduating from medical school, has exclusively dedicated himself fulltime to improve his professional level and reach maximum mastery in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dermatology.

With a perfect record of treatment results and the highest percentage of satisfied patients, Dr. Imas is one of the busiest physicians in Israel.

It should also be mentioned that Dr. Imas is apparently the only physician in Israel who is insured for all aesthetic procedures with Mednet, the only acknowledged insurance company providing insurance to private doctors, health funds (Maccabi, Clalit, etc.) and state hospitals in the country. Such procedures include silicon injections, light surgical interventions and various other non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Although he annually treats thousands of patients, no suits have been submitted against Dr. Imas to this day.

A study of the brief history of specialization in such fields as anaplastic surgery, dermatology and venereology, reveals a complete absence of publications, studies or references concerning medicine and cosmetic dermatology, and non-surgical rejuvenation of face and body skin. Moreover, several Israeli specialists in anaplastic surgery, dermatology and venereology, recognizing that this is not their field (i.e., Dr. Patrick Ben-Meir and Dr. Gabriel Tamir who specialize in anaplastic surgery, and others), refer their patients to Dr. Imas. A document by Prof. Jacob Berg (BLL, PhD, DM) summarizes the legal aspects of this issue and is available upon request.

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