Lightening Dark Skin and Filling Depressions under the Eyes

Dark skin, commonly known as ‘black circles’ make us look tired and faded and sad. They usually appear as we age, but sometimes, when it is hereditary, at a younger age. There may be additional reasons (details on our web site).

Depressions under the eyes can also be hereditary, but mostly they are a characteristic of age. They depressions are usually caused by degenerative changes in the fat tissue - lipodystrophy.
The depressions, with or without the dark skin, take away the glow from our faces, and make us look tired, older, sad and grayish.

In our clinic we use several methods to fill the depressions and return the youthful look, with a variety of existing filling materials (including body fat) and lighten the dark skin, including a special peeling method that was developed by Dr. Imas specifically for the area of the eyes.

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