Size Reduction, Body Sculpting, Dissolution of Fat and Cellulite

Dissolving fat and cellulite is one of the most innovative treatments of aesthetic medicine. The innovative treatment assists in reducing excessive fat that diets cannot remove. It is performed by injecting unique fat dissolving materials:

Injection of Ozone O3 into several skin layers and by means of Phosphatidylcholine in combination with additional materials. The material is injected into the subcutaneous fats tissues and dissolves the fats cells, preventing the need for invasive and dangerous surgical treatment such as fats extraction.
This procedure is performed by means of focused injections into the desired areas, in order to treat pockets of fat in specific areas of the face, such as: the chin and the neck, as well as specific areas of the body, such as: thighs, lower part of the abdomen, upper arms, waist and more.

The special material destroys the fats cells. They gradually reduce in size, break apart and decompose within two months.

The material is injected into the skin by tiny syringes.

This treatment is not intended for fat people, who need slimming in all areas of the body, but for healthy people with normal weight, who wish to reduce pockets of fat in specific areas.

Each individual accumulates fat in different areas, depending on gender, genetics and build.

The treatment can be used to balance the amount of fat in the body and disperse it equally and uniformly, in order to prevent the accumulation of fat in undesirable areas over time.

Sometimes the results can be maximized by light/lased flashes, radio waves, sound and gentle fats extraction.

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