Peeling is a controlled ”exfoliation” or “dissolution” method to remove the upper layers of the skin, by use of a solution that causes a sort of controlled burn.

Peeling causes regeneration of the skin tissue and stimulates the growth of the dissolved layers, and as a result the skin looks uniform, young, fresh and vibrant.

Skin changes start in the mid-twenties, causing it to look faded, tired, opaque, pale and gray. The first wrinkles and pigmentation stains appear as well, caused by hormonal changes, exposure to the sun or just genetics. These changes worsen with age.

  • Peeling is a treatment suitable for fading, tautening and smoothing wrinkles and fine lines, giving the skin a young, fresh, radiant, velvety, smooth, solid and tight look.
  • Peeling is suitable for fading, even concealing, stains.
  • Peeling is a great treatment for acne scars.
  • Peeling removes various skin blemishes, including pre cancerous blemishes, thus lessening the chance of the appearance of malignant tumors on skin that was exposed to the sun.
There are about eight types of peeling:

Shallow peeling
Minimal penetration level. It is best effective to refresh the look of the skin for a few days. Of course, it does not treat wrinkles, fine lines, scars and blemishes. Shallow peeling is usually performed by a cosmetician.

Special peeling before events
The penetration level is deeper than the shallow peeling. It gives the skin a fresh, young, shining and radiant look for a period of time. It is performed in the clinic.

Medium peeling
Deeper penetration level – penetrates down to the upper papillary dermis (the upper part of the second layer of the skin). It is performed in our clinic and is suitable for lightening stains and revitalizes the look of the skin.

Medium plus peeling
Developed by Dr. Imas. It penetrates deeper than medium peeling and is usually performed in three stages, with a quick return to normal routine, or in one stage with a longer convalescence period. There is also a special formula for women with dark skin.

Deep peeling
penetrates the dermis. This treatment is intended for smoothing and concealing shallow to medium wrinkles, smoothing pits, stains and deep, wide skin blemishes. The procedure is performed in an operating room under sedation.

In our clinic we perform several types of peeling procedures, personally adapted for each patient: medium peeling, medium peeling plus in 3 stages, classical deep peeling and the new Dr. Imas deep peeling2 method.

Medium plus peeling in three stages – quick return to normal routine:
This type of peeling is performed in our clinic and it is suitable for men and women. The procedure is performed 3 times, with a month’s interval between treatments.

This treatment is perfect for light fading of fine lines, refreshing the skin texture and giving it a vibrant, young and radiant look. It slightly flattens papules, fades and sometimes even removes stains, and gives the skin a young, velvety smooth and uniform look.

The advantage of this peeling procedure is the quick return to normal routine, because it is performed gradually and does not disrupt the normal course of life. During the peeling period and afterwards, the patient must, of course, use a suntan lotion with a high SPF.

Dr. Imas developed a unique method in which he uses a special solution that he developed. In addition, the patients are given creams with active ingredients for self use at home, in order to achieve optimal results. This peeling can be performed in one stage, but with a longer convalescence period.

Medium and medium plus peeling - one stage or 3 stages with immediate return to routine

Deep peeling vs. surgical face lifting
No other procedure rejuvenates a woman’s face as the deep peeling method. It is a mistake to think that surgical face lifting can get rid of the wrinkles and rejuvenate the face. A successful surgery can nicely improve a sagging neck and the jaw line, but has almost no effect on the face and wrinkles.

In our clinic we practice two methods of deep peeling:

The classic method
It is based on a formula that was developed in the 1980’s. This method achieves good results – treatment of wrinkles and fine lines, fading stains, improving the look of acne scars.
Disadvantages of the classic method: A relatively long recovery time. Sometime the new skin gets a bright porcelain-like look, because of loss of pigments and natural skin lines.

Face Lifting Without Surgery
New deep peeling2 method - the Dr. Imas method.
Maximal result; minimal recovery time; a revolution in the area of face and skin rejuvenation.

The New deep peeling2 method was developed by Dr. Imas in collaboration with two leading chemists in Israel.

Treatment stages: in the first stage, to maximize the results of the peeling procedure, the patient is given a preparation set for home use. In the second stage, the hour long procedure is performed in the hospital under sedation. Afterwards a medical dressing is applied to the face for 24 hours. After 24 hours the dressing is removed by the physician and an additional procedure is performed for maximal results. In the final stage, the patient is given exact oral and written instructions and then released to her home with a yellowish powdery mask for 5 days.

The new Dr. Imas peeling method is the most effective medical treatment procedure for rejuvenation of the face. The unique formula comprises 9 active components and therefore it can be individually adapted for each patient:

  • One of the “secrets” to achieving maximal results is in preparing the skin for the procedure by using a cream with active ingredients that enable easier and deeper penetration of the peeling solution into the skin during the procedure.
  • Immediately after the peeling solution, a four-layer medical dressing is attached to the face. The dressing provides better isolation between the skin and the air, so the permeability of the solution is better.
  • The procedure is usually performed under sedation (the absolute majority of patients doesn’t feel or remember anything), in contrast to general anesthesia with its many risks.
  • The initial recovery time is significantly shorter – only 5 days!! in comparison with other procedures whose recovery can last several weeks.
  • Most patients report only discomfort – without pain, during time they stay at home. One of the reasons is a special ingredient that is added to the treatment solution.
  • In most cases, in contrast to the past, there is almost no loss of pigments (hypo pigmentation) than in the classic method – therefore the “porcelain face” does not occur.
  • During and after the procedure we also perform a double mechanical peeling in several anatomical areas, so the skin is compatible with the skin of the face of the patient.
  • For the first time the procedure is also suitable for dark-skinned ladies!!!
  • Greatly improves pigmentation stains, which do not respond to other treatments.
  • Dramatically Fades, smoothes and sometimes removes wrinkles and fine lines.
  • It is an excellent treatment for pits in general and acne pits in particular, which are medically defined as almost untreatable.
  • Tightens, lifts and firms the skin tissue by stimulating collagen and elastin fibers and creating renewed skin cells, leaving the skin smooth, uniform and velvety and with a young look for many years.
  • The treatment causes gentle lifting and tightening of the eyelids.
  • During the procedure we sometimes remove skin blemishes, and also perform additional other procedures (such as: special peeling in the neck, décolletage and back of the hand areas; gentle eyebrows and face lifting by making a tiny surgical incision; and more…).
  • An excellent treatment for pre-cancerous blemishes which may appear during the lifetime of the patient.
  • Maximizes and improves (also scars) as a complementary treatment after plastic face surgeries.

Deep Peeling 2 - The Dr` Imas method- Flattening wrinkles and firming the skin

Deep Peeling 2 - The Dr` Imas method -Pigmentation and firming the skin

Facial peeling mask

Dr. Imas has hundreds of patients who underwent this treatment, and now look many years younger than their age, and all this in a minimal convalescence time!

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