PhospahtidylCholine injections

Lipolysis (dissolution of fat) is one of the most innovative treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine. This new treatment helps to dissolve fat by injections of a special fat dissolving material PhosphatidylCholine.
The procedure involves focused injections of small quantities into concentrations of fat in the relevant areas of the face and body: chin, neck, thighs, hips, etc...

PhosphatidylCholine is injected into the subcutaneous fat layers and dissolves the fat cells. The fat cells break down into very small particles that completely dissolve within two months. The results are reviewed after a few weeks and, if necessary, an additional procedure is performed. The advantage of this procedure is that it is not surgical like fat extraction.
It is important to note, that this treatment is not intended for fat people, but for healthy people with normal weight, who have pockets of fat in specific areas. With this treatment we can change the distribution of fat in the body and prevent the accumulation of fat in unwanted areas. However, new fat concentrations may appear in the untreated areas.

Side effects

After the procedure there may be some redness and swelling accompanied by a slight burning sensation, that disappear after a few days or weeks.

The procedure is considered as safe and there are no known significant side effects. However, since it is a new procedure, there is no long term follow-up, and therefore its very long-term implications cannot be foreseen.

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