Plumping up, styling and lips augmentation

Who does not want styled sensual lips?

Lips have always been the focus of attention in a woman’s face, and they are the symbol of femininity and sensuality.

For example, during the Renaissance, the ideal beautiful lips were thin lips with an emphasized lip line (as can be seen in art works of the period). In the 1920's the actresses in the silent films used make-up that gave their lips a heart-shape appearance.
They might have been influenced by the Japanese ideal beauty model, where they accentuated only the center of the lip in red, much smaller than their real size. In the 1950's the lips of the famous actresses Marilyn Monroe with the sensuous smile, and Brigitte Bardot with the girlish protruding lips, were at the center of attention.

Over the years the ideal of beauty has changed. Thick lips, which until recently were thought of as crude and coarse, a characteristic of the black, are now very fashionable. Now every woman wants her lips to have the very full-full look, like that of the movie stars and models: Naomi Campbell, Pamela Anderson, Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie.

Very narrow or asymmetrical lips can be a result of heredity and affect even young women and girls.

With age our lips, like other areas of the body, undergo degenerative processes. The lips tissues lose volume (when the lips become thin, wrinkled, lifeless and colorless) and materials that retain their moisture and the volume of the skin which covers them.

Changes in the muscles around the lips can also change their shape and make them look thin, tight and ‘sour’.

Before the treatment Dr. Imas coordinates expectations with the patient. He puts an emphasis on achieving an ideal look that blend in harmony with her face structure.

Since it is a very delicate and sensitive area which requires great skill and proficiency, Dr. Imas takes great care in choosing the right filling material and locating the right spot for the injection.

At our clinic we style the lips and give them a natural sensuous look, taking into account the patient`s age and face structure, so that they blend in harmony with her face structure and age.

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